The social nonprofit Safe Water Sports initiative started up with a view to inform and raise society awareness on issues related to water activities (sports and recreational), laying particular emphasis on the safety and prevention of accidents.


It is estimated that every year, about 50,000 European citizens (EU 27) get injured when performing water sports or boating activities. Drowning is the second major cause of death for children from infancy till the age of 18. Safe Water Sports Academy mainly aims at:

  • Informing and raising awareness of Greeks and tourists on all issues related to water and sea activities (sports and recreational), laying particular emphasis on the safety and prevention of accidents
  • Implementing actions in cooperation with private and public entities in order to reinforce the broader institutional framework for safety in Greece
  • Educating – training children at schools, with a view to create a new culture when it comes to the sea and water-related activities.

The reason behind Safe Water Sports Academy has been an accident that took place in the summer of 2014, when a 10-year old boy, Michael Paschalakis, was fatally injured while performing water sports at Kalo Livadi beach on Mykonos island.



Safe Water Sports is a non-profit organization, established in the summer of 2015, with is main goal being the reinforcement of safety at the sea and water sports. Safe Water Sports is a purely volunteering initiative that receives no state funding.

Our vision is to help public authorities and private enterprises active in the field of water sports and water-related recreational activities in making Greece a model of organization and safety. Safe Water Sports is a bold imitative, for the first time so thoroughly planned, which aims at becoming the main information tool for water related activities and safety.

In addition to reinforcing safety and preventing accidents, our initiative has an intensely developmental character. It is related to tourism, the heavy industry of Greece and may substantially contribute to the upgrade of the image of Greece abroad and its foreign tourists, who keep choosing our country for their vacations.

Our main concern is to place people in the center of our initiative. Inform, raise awareness, activate and make people the primary factor that all stakeholders, both from the private and the public sector, have to take into account. All services, private or public in the field of sports and recreational water activities have to place people and their safety at the center of their attention.

Safe Water Sports relies on collective action and makes use of the power of information and computer technology in order to point out and strengthen the major and prevailing role of people in the field of its activities. Safe Water Sports aspires to become the benchmark for all water activities carried out in Greece. We want to offer valid and credible information on sports and recreational activities performed in the water. At Safe Water Sports, people may search and find all the LEGAL enterprises which offer water activities (sports, recreational activities, diving, trips, etc.) in Greece, with all the necessary information related to the applicable legislation and safety regulations.

As an association, we are activated among market, state and social economy. Safe Water Sports collaborates with the greek state and the private sector, contributing thus to the empowerment of accountability and transparency.



At Safe Water Sports, we believe in volunteerism and all the things offered and embraced thereby. Our association has a promptly organized group of volunteers, starting from its Board of Directors and its personnel, who freely dedicate their free time in order to support our actions and initiatives. Our volunteers are valuable contributors to our daily and all-around-the-country effort to achieve our vision. They help and support us in spreading, improving and upgrading all the means we have for promoting the goals of Safe Water Sports. Our volunteers are priceless helpers in our struggle and they enjoy our warmest gratefulness. If you want to become a volunteer at Safe Water Sports, visit our website at www.safewatersports.gr and fill in the related application form.