e-learning: Educational material

Safe Water Sports has created an online educational platform named “Safe Water Sports e-learning Academy”, part of the educational program which is approved by the Ministry of Education, specially designed for children and young people aged 5 to 16.


The program through the use of the Safe Water Sports e-learning Academy, introduces the basic safety guidelines that children need to know and follow while they are on the beach, at the sea, in the swimming pool and in water sports. The program includes also audiovisual material depending on the age of the children.


The video material about safety rules is fully recorded (in both Greek and English language) and therefore its presentation can be performed without the presenter needs to have a special knowledge. All he needs is a computer with an Internet access and a projector in order to watch the presentation. However, at the same time the program enables instructors to interfere with the structure of the educational scenario and create a new form adapted to their own needs.



Part of the material consists of:

  • Introductory 3D animation character video with the child’s character "Octopus Safe"
  • Video story with animation graphics
  • Illustrated cartoon - animated safety guidelines
  • Animated quiz with questions (find the error)
  • Children's song called "Water is joy" in video format (animation graphics)
  • Inspirational videos filmed with the ambassadors of SafeWaterSports (Olympic Winners & Water Sports – Water Truck Champions) who present their personal message about safety in the water
  • Real Stories video: short – length documentary, through which children share their own adventures at sea and their wrong behaviours

3D animation character

The educational program is introduced through a video presenting “Octopus Safe” child hero, who will accompany children throughout the presentation. This 2.5-min long video is a combination of actual shooting inside a classroom with pupils and the addition of the 3D animation character (“Octopus Safe”).

Video Story

A short animated story by the writer Vangelis Iliopoulos, narrated by children, in which “Octopus Safe” presents himself, as well as one of his adventures related to the sea and water sports safety.


Cartoon-animated safety rules

Safe Water Sports has set up a scientific group for the development and the processing of the educational material to be presented.

This group structured the safety rules, by combining the expertise of the Hellenic Coast Guard with the principles of education.

Animated question quiz

Understanding the rules for environmental protection, the matter of childrens’ safety at the beach, at the sea, in the swimming pool and in water sports turns into a game through special animations where children have to spot the wrong behaviour.



Songs for children related to safety at sea.

Inspirational videos

A set of educational inspirational videos where prominent Greek Olympic winners and water athletes present their own aspect and share their experiences regarding water sports and safety at sea.


Real Story

A short documentary with real stories of children who narrate their own water sports experiences.

Watch Online
Safety in swimming and at sea
Safety in swimming and in water sports
Safety in swimming and at sea
Safety in swimming and in water sports
Safety in the swimming pool

Educational material of e-learning for High-Schools:


The material content consists of:

  • Interactive videos
  • Educational interactive online contests among schools
  • Writing of interactive scripts
  • Design of sea conduct behavior signs
  • Inspirational videos Olympic winner athletes of wet truck
  • Interviews with athletes
  • Research regarding water sports
  • Calculation of statistical data
  • Creation of Infographics
  • Creation of awareness videos
  • Design layout of Safe Water Sports app
  • Scratch


interactive videos


educational interactive online contests among schoolsnew

Interactive videos

Interactive video stories about safety at sea and in water sports, where students are called to take a decision about the flow of the story.

Educational interactive online contests among schools

Interactive online educational games among schools regarding safety at sea, in the swimming pool, in water sports and statistics.

infographics gr
xtapodios el

Creation of Infographics

Creation of infographics based on statistical data in the aquatic environment or safety rules at sea.


Creation of mini stories about safety at sea and in water sports by using Scratch program.