Educational Bag


An interactive, experiential game, especially for young ages, is considered as the most effective means of education.

Safe Water Sports Organization’s educational program “travels’’ across all elementary schools of the Greek periphery, through a specially designed suitcase which is approved by the Ministry of Education" (click here to read the Approval).

The purpose of the Program is to inform all students about the basic guidelines and give advice regarding what they need to know about their safety at sea, water, beach and water sports.

The "training suitcase" was designed by educators, psychologists and graphic designers for children aged 5-11 (Kindergarten and Primary School). The teacher/educator can perform all the activities of the suitcase without being obliged to have any special knowledge.

The suitcase includes not only games but also many suggested individual and group educational activities such as:

  • Informational material for the teacher or the person who is in charge to perform the activities
  • Representation of a beach (in puzzle format) with Playmobil toys
  • Illustrated card guidelines and advice concerning safety at sea and water
  • Observation games in order for the children to find the errors
  • Board games
  • Memory cards
  • Constructions
  • Color books
  • Story cubes (cubes with images to capture children's imagination) and many more
  • CD with songs by Safe Water Sports
  • The fairy tale "The Octopus Safe and the Three Seaguards" written by Vangelis Eliopoulos and published by PATAKIS publications

The suitcase is suitable for schools, children's camps, hotels, swimming pool centers, etc.

Contents of the educational bag

How can you get it?

For school and kindergarten, the suitcase is available through free of charge borrowing. For all the rest interested parties (camps, swimming pool centers, hotels, etc.), the suitcase is available only for purchase.

The period of borrowing lasts for 2 weeks since the date of receipt.

Purchase: For more information about purchasing a suitcase, please send an email to info@safewatersports.gr.

Borrow (free of charge): The suitcase is sent to your school via a courier company with which we cooperate. During return, the suitcase is picked up from the school by the same company in order to be returned to SafeWaterSports. The shipment and return order is made by SafeWaterSports upon telephone consultation with you in order to specify the exact delivery day and time.

The school that wishes to borrow the educational bag will be in charge of the transportation cost that is set by the Courier company and depends on its distance from Athens area. The payment can be made in one of the following ways:

  • Pay on Delivery when the suitcase is received
  • Deposit in our bank account (please email us at info@safewatersports.gr to inform us about your deposit)

*The receipt is sent in an electronic form during the first 10 days of the next month of payment’s collection.

If you would like to receive and return the training case to Safe Water Sports offices, you can do this if you submit an authorization from the Head of the School and you have previously contacted with the Organization in order to arrange an appointment ( info@safewatersports.gr)