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Greece is a worldwide attraction for tourists and every year more and more visitors come to our country, mostly for the sea and sea-related activities. This fact alone should render us responsible for water safety issues, wishing to stop the grievous lead in the number of drowning occurrences that every year are observed in greek seas and swimming pools. Our vision is to help the greek state and private enterprises activated in the field of sports and recreational water activities in making Greece a model of organization and safety.

Wishing to attain our goals, the collaborations of our nonprofit Organization under Safe Water Sports Academy Partner Program are constantly expanded with the participation of hotels (having kids corner) as well as of organized children camps, as they are places where children of all ages, from Greece and abroad, get together in order to enjoy the sea and sports activities. It is thus an excellent occasion – and our obligation as a country too – to inform and train such children in order to protect them. Use an internet-connected computer for accessing the Safe Water Sports Academy material and a projector in order to present the material to the children.


Your partner shall need no previous training or familiarization for presenting the educational material (plug & play). At the same time, we can provide you with an especially developed brochure of the educational program to be distributed to attending children.

Safe Water Sports Academy Partner Program has already drawn the attention of numerous tourism agencies and is in constant contact and cooperation with them for future joint actions and initiatives.

Tourism as a prevention contributor

Greece may become a pioneer when it comes to sea and water sports safety issues, mostly by implementing a modern awareness-raising and educational system which would set prevention as its major goal.

The adoption and the implementation of the Safe Water Sports Academy Partner Program by entities and enterprises hosting children, directly or indirectly connected to tourism, contribute to the creation of an added value of the greek tourism services and to the general upgrade of tourism as a product itself.

Contact our Organization and get a temporary authorization (Username & Password) for getting to know Safe Water Sports Academy.