Educational Program

The educational program of Safe Water Sports, which is approved by the Ministry of Education ( click here to read the document's approval), concerns the education and awareness of primary school children on issues related to safety at the beach, sea, water sports and generally any activities that take place in the water.

In our country, which extends to 13,676 kilometers of shoreline, it is estimated that there are about 300 incidents of deaths each year in the sea, many of which are due to the lack of knowledge of basic guidelines on swimming and boat traffic behaviour. It is a priority for everyone to educate and sensitize children from a very young age.

The educational program, which includes more than 50 activities that combine both learning and amusement, covers the basic knowledge and practices that children need to know well regarding their safety at sea (swimming, water sports) and all the activities that take place there.

The activities of the program are interdisciplinary (such as arts, language, social education, geography, physics, foreign language, etc.) and can be implemented within the school’s program context.

Depending on children’s ages who are involved in, the appropriate activities are selected too. For the 1st, 2nd, 3rd class of primary school, the implementation of the activities under Unity 3 named “I DO WATER SPORTS” may not be obligatory and can be dismissed since this section refers mainly to the students of the 4th, 5th and 6th class of primary school.

Please click here to read the contents of the educational program.

All the supporting material, which addresses both teacher and students who participate in the program, is distributed through the online platform of Safe Water Sports Academy, that can also be used in order to monitor the progress of each team by the teacher and Safe Water Sports.

It is suggested that the program is implemented by a group of students (a part of a class) and supervised by a volunteer teacher. The program can start any time during the school year and it will be completed by the end of it. The voluntary contribution of the teacher, who will oversee and advise the Group of students on their activities, is considered as a prerequisite for the successful participation of the Group in the Educational Program.

At the beginning, one of the Group's students will be elected as a Team Leader and he/she will be its representative, alongside with the Volunteer Teacher, during all Group Communications with Safe Water Sports.

The goal of each group is to accomplish at least 50% + 1 of the program’s activities and at least one activity of each thematic topic. In this case, the activity’s implementation is considered as complete and successful. The "Seaguard" badge of the Program will be given to each student who is a member of the group and participates in the Program. Safe Water Sports will award a Special Souvenir Diploma to the children-members of the group teams and the volunteer Teachers who completed the Program.

In September, the annual conference of Seaguards, in which 13 missions participate, one from each Region of the country, will take place in Athens. The mission of each region will proceed from the school of this region that accomplished most of the activities of the program during the past year and it will consist of the Volunteer Teacher, who was the leader of the Group alongside the student leader of the Group with his parents. The duration of the conference will last one day and the purpose is to exchange opinions, share experiences and best practices with the aim of continuously improving the educational program. Furthermore, on the online platform of the training program, a list of the schools that participated in the program every year will be presented as well as a sample of the work that was completed by the participants (if they do wish).

Υou can watch the video below that includes the steps required to access the educational program together with the activities that are included:

Υοu can download the Report of the Organization's Educational Activities:

Εκπαιδευτικές δράσεις

Step 1 – Application Form

Applications will be accepted until February 28 of each school year. After sending the online application form, the trainer will receive an email with the information required in order to have access to the online platform (username, password).

On the online application, the following list of information must be completed:

  • Contact email
  • School
  • School Class to implement the program
  • School address (complete address)
  • Postal Code
  • The geographical region of the country that the school belongs to
  • Name/Surname of the trainer
  • Contact Number
  • Number of students who will participate in the program

Step 2 Activation

As soon as the teacher receives his username and password via email, he can then log in and start implementing the Program with the students.

The teacher is logged in to the Safe Water Sports Academy online platform in order to download the list of activities of the educational program together with the instructions of how to use the online platform.

Step 3 Implementation

When a program’s activity comes to an end, the trainer can upload the requested material to the online platform, in order to demonstrate that the activity was successfully completed.

The implementation of the program is completed by the end of the school year. The participation of each school in the program will be published on the online Platform. Any trainers/teachers, who wish, can give the permission to the platform in order for their activities’ results to be published.

Upon completion of the program, the trainer/teacher will receive an email that assures about the completion of the program.

The "Seaguard" badge of the Program will be given to each student who is a member of the group and participates in the Program. Safe Water Sports will also award Special Souvenir Diplomas, which will be sent by post to the school’s address, to the members of the teams and their volunteers - Trainers who completed the Program.

In order to access the program, you can fill in the Online Application Form by clicking on the following link. Then, you will receive an email with the required information (username, password) in order to log in to the online platform and implement the educational program.

Online Application Form