Schools & Educational Organizations

Schools & Educational Organizations

Both public and private schools are mainly organizations with an increased level of sensitivity regarding security and children’s’ protection matters. The educational community lies on a constant progress, as it owes to perform in this way, regarding the adoption and development of new educational programs and practices which offer the necessary knowledge and experiences to the children on various aspects of their social life.

Safe Water Sports Organization, created a distant, online educational platform called “Safe Water Sports Academy” as part of its organizational activities, which is specially designed for young children and teenagers aged 5 – 16 years old. The educational study material which is offered via the Safe Water Sports Academy is being used by the Coast Guard of the Ministry of Shipping as well, in order to both educate and advise children inside classrooms of the public schools around the country, as part of the authorized lecture schedule conducted by the Ministry of Education named «BEWARE – LEARN –CARE».

Every year more than 30.000 students of the primary and secondary education are being informed and educated through this program. Based on both theoretical and experiential education, the primary goal of Safe Water Sports Academy is to raise awareness and educate children in order to strengthen prolepsis and to achieve a reduction of drowning and sea accidents per year.

Through Safe Water Sports Academy you can acquire access in two different educational & informative programs:

1. Safe Water Sports Presentation Academy

The lecture program (Safe Water Sports Presentation Academy) which lasts almost one hour, presents the basic precaution rules that children should meet and practice while they are at the beach, when they are swimming and when they enjoy the sea sports. This program consists of three categories depending on the age of children that plan to attend: 5-8 years - old children, 9-11 years – old children and finally children who are more than 12+ years old. The education material which is included in the mentioned program is fully recorded in both Greek and English languages and hence the presentation that is aimed at children may easily occur without the requirement for the instructor of having a special knowledge or participating in a fully active way. For more information concerning the content and the structure of the educational material you can click on the option «INFORMATION» of the website’s menu. There is no restriction regarding the submission form of participating to this program.

Application for Presentation Academy
2. Safe Water Sports Education Academy

The educational program (Safe Water Sports Education Academy) which is aimed at students of primary education and it includes more than 50 different activities that mix entertainment with knowledge. The mentioned program may be implemented by a group of students at the same age (preferably by the same school class) and it is supervised by an instructor who is in charge of the co-ordination, the organization and the platform’s use. The above program falls into two categories depending on the age of children that plan to attend: 6 – 8 years - old children (Α, Β and C class of elementary school) and 9 – 11 years - old children (D, E, F class of elementary school).

The goal of the team is to implement the 50% + 1 of the total activities which are incorporated to the program and at least one activity per theme unity. All the educational material which is required during the program is available via the platform, while at the same time the platform can be used for the uploading of results of each activity. For more information concerning the program you can find here. Submission forms for this program are accepted until the 31th of December of each year.

Application for Education Academy

In order to have access to one of the two above programs of Safe Water Sports Academy, you only need s computer with an Internet connection and a projector inside the classroom where children will be gathered in order to watch the screening.

Our country has the air of “sea breeze”. Given this fact, people should be more conscious regarding water safety in order for the country to finally stop being ranked – sadly- first because of the numerous drownings every year. In other words, future citizens are the current students. Therefore, let’s provide students with supplements in order for them to be able to protect themselves.

The educational community, an aid to prolepsis

Our mission is the educational community to acquire an active role in the orientation – precaution of sea accidents through the use of the educational platform Safe Water Sports Academy, in order for Greece to become a pioneer in sea security and safety matters as long as in the sports – entertaining activities. We feel that we ought to share with you the most powerful phrase that we heard during the commencement of an awareness lecture of an equivalent Organization with its headquarters in England (STA’s Junior Lifeguard Academy):

«Summer period is loading. This year 300 of drownings are expected. Let’s start together and figure out how many drownings we are able to prevent…»