Schools & Educational Organizations

Schools & Educational Organizations


Schools show an increased level of sensitivity regarding security and children’s’ protection matters. The educational community lies on a constant progress, as it owes to perform in this way, regarding the adoption and development of new educational programs and practices which offer the necessary knowledge and experiences to the children on various aspects of their social life.


Safe Water Sports Organization, created a distant, online educational platform called “Safe Water Sports Academy” as part of its organizational activities, which is specially designed for young children and teenagers aged 5 – 16 years old. The listed activities are:

is performed by the teachers through the online platform of Safe Water Sports
for experiential learning (free borrowing)
at the Organization's premises in Athens in order to attend the interactive, digital-based educational program of Safe Water Sports
of the educational program regarding the safety regulations in the sea, in the swimming pool and in water sports


All the above programs are approved by the Ministry of Education.


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Each year, more than 30,000 students of primary and secondary education are informed through the Organization’s programs.


Greece is surrounded by sea. This is the reason our country should stop be ranked first in drownings each year and citizens should be more responsible and aware of safety measures in the water. Citizens of tomorrow are students of today. So let's give them the right means to protect themselves.